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  1. ken44 says:


    I’m new here. Since you guys from Sri Gading, then I would like to let you know about one thing.

    Do you guys know Hj Mazlan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Sri Gading? He own a company called Pintasia Jaya Sdn Bhd, a Class A Contractor. Throu his connection he managed to secured one school project for RM9. Apparently, the project was the first to be launched under RM9, and now stand to become among the last to be completed. Why?

    First of all, the roject was secured thru Direct Nego process without tender. The cost is very high as some of the MoE officials said during the nego that the allocation is equivalent for 1 1/2 school. Means that the price is 50% higher than the cost supposedly incurred. Datok Fatimah Deni (TKSU) lost her word because instruction came from Hisham. No consultant were allowed to attend the nego process. What a hanky panky.

    After gotten the project, Hj Mazlan (Pintasia) sold the project to Chinese company called Rivertree Corporation. While he himself being promised 7% of every progressive payment, Dato’ Aziz Yassin wallup another 10%. WOW! Everybody thought it was a good deal… Rivertree had also gain for about 35% profit.

    Hj Mazlan himself is never at site. He doesnt have any staff and sometime he just his wife who knows nothing about construction at site to attend meeting. Hj MAZLAN is a GENUINE ALIBABA. Now the project run into problem due to structural failure. It wont be completed for another 1 year. Its going to break the record as among the longest time taken to complete the school project. Commence Nov 2006 and completed Nov 2009. Kalau le siap!

  2. ken44 says:

    The school project is Sek Keb Sri Putra, Bangi

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